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The following is a list of regional Burning Man events ordered alphabetically by geography. Please note that not all of these events are affiliated with the Burning Man organization:

British Columbia

  • Burn in the Forest
The participating EmoMen endeavour to create a Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) to stimulate friendship between men as an extended family. The event was based on the idea that, while western women have been redefining their role since the suffragettes, and the role of men changed dramatically after the industrial revolution, there has been little movement in redefining the role of men, or relationship between them. The founder also believed that, while the sexual revolution recognized diversity of sexual preference, men had become divided along lines of orientation; fear of intimacy between all men had emerged. Based on the hypothesis that men build relationship through shared activity, the event includes outdoor activities and workshops to encourage intimate, experiential communication. Workshops have included: wrestling, contact improvisation, djembe drumming, relaxation and tantric massage, several forms of yoga, meditation, a variation of the Glass Bead Game, teamwork including low and high ropes courses, martial arts exercises including jujutsu holds, Nonviolent communication, Intimacy Boundary Discovery and Kecak. A key ritual performed on the last evening each year involves the invention of full tribal markings with black light body paint to a background of electronica, drums and chanting.
NüTopia is a regional Burning Man event held between Toronto and Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. The event is held in May and is attended by participants from both cities, as well as from other places around the world. NüTopia is a Leave No Trace, participatory event.
Ignition celebrates similar principals as the original Burning Man, including radical self-reliance, participative art and culture and fire. The event is held in September and is put on by the Brûleurs de Montréal Burners.
St. Johns:
Lake George:
Sun Valley:
  • WillowBurn ([ official site)
  • InterFuse (official site), sponsored by the Midwest Burners, is an annual, multi-day, camping-oriented event that upholds the ideals of the Burning Man Festival. The goal of InterFuse is to unite the scattered Burners and pre-Burners of the Midwest in a celebration of art, fire, and life, further spreading the Burning Man Experience through the region. The most recent InterFuse was held May 3 to May 6, 2007 at Camp Ozark Avalon, located in Boonville, Missouri.
Pittsburgh: Frostburn is a winter celebration of art and community in Western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. The regional burn promotes the Ten Principles of Burning Man in a harsh environment, highlighting the need for community members to collaborate against severe weather to create and install interactive art and theme camps. A gift economy is encouraged, while commercial activity is generally prohibited. Frostburn participants are expected to actively contribute to the spirit of the event in radically-expressive (but socially- responsible) ways, leaving no trace of their presence after the event has ended.
Frostburn takes place at Cooper's Lake Campground, which also serves as the site of the annual Pennsic War (the largest annual event of the Society for Creative Anachronism). The venue is near the intersection of Interstate 79 and US 422.
In 2008, Frostburn occurred during Presidents Day weekend in February. In later years, the event is scheduled for the weekend of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. each January.
Bedford: Wicker Man is a new burn located between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, PA at Four Quarters Farm (location of the Gaian Mind festival), established in 2008 and holding it's first event on Memorial Day weekend. Although it follows the Ten Principles and attempts to emulate Black Rock City, Wicker Man has designated "villages" for different activities, including Sound Town (for loud music) and Sin City (for adult sexual theme camps). Set in the mountainous forests of Western Pennsylvania, it is comparable in size and setting to Playa del Fuego in Delaware.
North Texas Burn: Myschievia started in 2005. Approximately 200 participants attended a location about 2 hours west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 2006, Myschievia is held in East Texas nearby Hughes Springs, Texas. Despite being located in East Texas, United States most of the participants are from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Much like the Burning Man or any regional Burn, a theme may be chosen around which participants can creatively interact or not. In addition to the event theme, participants are allowed to register collaborative theme camps and reserve space on the property. Art projects of any kind are encouraged and welcomed at Myschievia. Activities may be scheduled as well. The activities range from water balloon fights, to morning yoga classes, to food schedules, or meet and greets. The theme for the first year was "Trial By Fire," an old west courtroom-styled theme. The effigy was a tall model of the scales of justice. Unlike Burning Man and Burning Flipside there was no theme in 2006 or 2007. In 2006 the effigy was of the Roman Coliseum and featured several nights of spontaneous wrestling, both staged and real. In 2007 a giant head was constructed with a movable mouth called Unruly Man. Also that year a car burned up on the property during preparation work in a freak accident. The map of theme camps for this event was constructed on the cardboard of a Pabst Blue Ribbon 12 pack. Each year the Miss Myschievia pageant showcases the talents of the participants. One of the strongest arts at Myschievia is culinary. A guacamole competition was held at the Lick n' Suck Saloon, which is a theme camp that generously supplies Burns with smoked meat.
Critical Massive (or CM) is an annual alternative arts and performance festival staged in the greater Puget Sound region of Washington. Critical Massive was started in 2002 by Burning Man participants from the Seattle area. The Massive organization became the Massive LLC in 2004 with a board of six members. In 2006, Ignition Northwest assumed producer responsibilities for the event, and is the current producer of the event. Currently lasting seven days during the last week of June, it is smaller than the largest regional burns, with attendance in 2006 limited to 500 participants and attendance in 2007 limited to 475. Critical Massive’s original board of six produced the event at a local clothing-optional resort, Lake Bronson, in Monroe, Washington before moving the event to Lake Recreation Associates Campground (or LARC) in Mount Vernon, Washington in 2006, and the privately held campground of River outside of Maple Valley, Washington in 2007. The event is attended primarily by participants of the Seattle Burning community, and relies heavily on large theme camps and individual participants to build the temporary village. Art grants are distributed through the local Burner-based nonprofit organization,, which also is the current producer of the event. In 2007, approximately $7,500 was distributed to multiple art projects. Many of the core values of Critical Massive are borrowed from Burning Man, and the same short, memorable terms are used for them. Due to the fact that the event is held in the highest population density center of the Pacific Northwest region, including Idaho, Oregon, and portions of British Columbia, the event’s environment is significantly different than the Black Rock Desert. The event has been held on the west side of the Cascade mountain range in the pacific Northwest rain forest. Consequently, the size of the event with the number of participants has been limited significantly simply for the fact that there are few venues capable of holding up to seven hundred individuals for a week-long event in the Northwest. Additionally, unlike Burning Man where the central effigy of a glowing neon man stays essentially unaltered from year to year (with alteration to its base and other design elements), the Critical Massive event may not have a central effigy, or indeed a last-night event. Usually, fire performances and other exhibitions occur on the last night of the event, but are limited in scope and size due to fire restrictions, especially in the forest-fire prone mountains.


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